Cvent Provides Solutions For Hotel Business Intelligence Software.

Cvent Provides Solutions For Hotel Business Intelligence Software.

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Cvent Provides Solutions For Hotel Business Intelligence Software. – Cvent’s event management software allows you full control over a small workshop, meeting, multi-day roadshow, or major conference with thousands of delegates and a complex schedule.

Cvent’s online platform enables you keep delegates updated with customisable registration websites that match your identity, making your event page an extension of your company’s website. HTML text links and dynamic widgets can link both sites and provide registrants with a smooth experience.

Cvent Provides Solutions For Hotel Business Intelligence Software.

Cvent Express launches small events with direct registration the fastest. Create your event and customize your mobile-responsive website with its intuitive design and drag-and-drop functionality. Cvent Express lets you launch an event in minutes and gives delegates all the event information in one place with one-click registration.

Amadeus and Cvent Expand Partnership to Increase Small Meeting & Event Bookings

How about multi-day, multi-track events with VIP programs? In this situation, you should familiarize yourself with Cvent’s more sophisticated, even multi-lingual or multi-track registration procedure, which covers session selection, travel and accommodation requests, waitlist management, budget, and task management. logistical preparations. Delegates like being able to complete the full registration process in one step, from providing contact information to selecting programs, picking a hotel room, and paying for their participation online. all relevant data in one tool.

Cvent’s strength goes beyond event advertising and registration. To streamline check-in and engage with delegates throughout the event, you may sync check-in with other Cvent products including OnArrival, SocialWall, and CrowdCompass mobile apps.

Cvent’s online platform yields results. Our clients’ events attract 20% more attendees with a modern, professional website, social media sharing, automatic and personalized email correspondence, and a simple registration procedure. Simplifying manual processes and optimizing events using all acquired data can boost team productivity by 27% and cut costs by 20-30%.

Event management solutions are more than registration systems; they provide visibility, compliance, and cost savings. Increased visibility of event expenditures, corporate compliance, and attendee experience can boost company performance. It serves the event team, sales and marketing, procurement and travel management, and finance.

For Your Events

With over 2,500 employees and 28,000 customers, Cvent, Inc. is the leading cloud-based enterprise event management platform. Since 1999, Cvent has provided event planners with software for online event registration, venue selection, event administration, mobile apps, email marketing, web surveys, on-site registration, and badges. Event planners can find hotels using Cvent’s tailored advertising platform. Cvent announced its acquisition by Vista Equity Partners on November 29, 2016. Cvent and Lanyon Solutions also merged, establishing a global meeting, event, and travel technology leader.

Adam, a technology advocate, runs Event Tech Live and the Event Technology Awards. November happenings in London.

Event Industry News (EIN) publishes events industry news, perspectives, and opinions online. Organisers, promoters, event managers, production firms, suppliers, agencies, corporations, and local governments read the EIN. These events can be regional conferences, international exhibitions, marketing activations, or large festivals. Working from home, online grocery shopping, and iPad doctor visits have pushed technology and digital solutions. satisfy emerging needs. Hotels now serve a digitally savvy customer who demands digital solutions from vendors. This eliminates hotel digital transformation. These table components fulfill planner and guest expectations in changing times.

This blog post discusses hotel digital transformation to optimize group business, organize secure meetings and events, and delight visitors for years to come.

Education Event Registration Software

The hotel’s workforce scarcity has done more than stress out current staffers. These concerns hampered planner connections. Present issue: Planners reported scheduling issues owing to venue and hotel understaffing in the March 2022 Northstar/Meetings Industry PULSE poll. We all know how crucial the hotel-planner relationship is, therefore any property competing in this category must prioritize these concerns.

See the infographic below for survey results, hotel action items, and how they may aid digital transformation.

Venues can allow online booking for small meetings. Non-event planners often organize small meetings. They strive to simplify the process.

Cvent Passkey: Easy Hotel Group Reservations

“They want an easy button,” says Amadeus solutions consultant Rich Matthes. “They want a simple, complete product with no hidden expenses.”

This small meeting planner has looked at all your location photographs and prepared their event with charting software and is ready to book. Your sales team may be pursuing larger, more sophisticated events. Don’t miss tiny dates. Add a website booking feature.

Matthes believes posting meeting packages on your website and ordering them online feels like an urgent digital call to action for planners.’s online meeting bookings research shows venues spend 47 minutes on offline meeting bookings. Direct booking technology saves your sales team time and simplifies the scheduler’s job.


What do people always wear? Phones. Planners can attend. They use phones for business, research, and event planning. Your website and marketing emails are being viewed on their phones. Poor user experience might cost you business if your site and messaging aren’t mobile-optimized.

“Mobile capabilities are a goal for all marketers as the majority of the public orders business on a smartphone in some form,” said Amadeus director of product marketing John-Michael Jenkins. “The venue’s band digital strategy should include it.”

Mobile-friendly websites and emails use responsive design to display effectively on all screen sizes. With this mobile technology, visitors and planners may check in and pay on their phones.

A smart mobile app can boost your mobile capabilities. Mobile apps make booking, room service, hotel and destination maps, customer service chats with employees, and other guest services easy for guests and planners. They allow remote entry/exit like room keys. These apps enable hotel-guest contact. You may notify, update, and provide the planner when they need hotel services.

Cvent’s Cloud Software Helps Brands & Hotels Plan Successful Events

Event venues are increasingly offering virtual tours. Robert Whalen, Four Seasons Hotel Toronto’s director of sales, presented his team’s virtual and hybrid space sales strategy at CONNECT Virtual 2020. An A/V partner would channel staff iPhone and iPad video feeds through a “command center” for smooth execution and shifting camera angles to give high-quality virtual tours. Tour planners can see clearly.

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